Touchscreen Gloves

  • $28.99

Gloves Length: Wrist
Material: Fur, Genuine Leather
Total Length: 24cm
Gloves Length: Wrist
Middle Finger Length: 9cm

Take any call, at any temperature

No one likes cold hands, but no one likes not being able to use their touchscreen device either. And most touchscreens need your actual warm finger skin to operate properly. Wrap those digits in a lovely glove and the digital devices won’t register your touch.

You usually need to remove your glove, sticking it in a pocket or hanging it out of your mouth, while you tap away on your smartphone or tablet in the freezing cold with numb fingers. This means wet or lost gloves plus a good chance of frostbite.

Unless you wear fingerless gloves or cut out holes for your skin to show through, you need a special pair of touchscreen gloves that will work with capacitive touchscreens.

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